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OMV applies its Group wide standards and best-practice principles in health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) on a continuous basis for all activities in Tunisia. We strive to engage with all our stakeholders to minimize the impact on the environment in order to facilitate sustainable operations.
"ZERO Harm - NO Losses" stands for our joint vision, mission and trust that all accidents and losses can be prevented. We act and manage risks in our sphere of influence in such a way that People, Environment, Assets and Reputation are protected. Our position as an International Oil and Gas company makes us keenly aware of our responsibility. For this reason, occupational health, safety at work, security & resilience and environmental protection are given top priority. Our guidelines to protect these values are therefore a core element of how we see ourselves and are an important embodiment of the key objectives within our Group.

You can find out more on our HSSE strategy and activities here.

Environment and Energy Policy Statement