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Community Relations & Development at OMV Tunisia

 OMV is drawing on decades of experience implementing sustainability projects in 20 countries, and promoting awareness of best practices within the oil and gas industry. In Tunisia, the focus is on Employment, Local Content, Land issues, Education and Skills Capacity Building. OMV is directing its Community Development and Community Relations efforts towards these areas, through the provision of investment, expertise and support.
Factsheet Community Relations at OMV Tunisia, (PDF, 1,1 MB)

The main community relations project in Tunisia is The Tataouine Skills to Succeed Project (more than USD 7 mn over two years), a vocational training and economic/ social development initiative aiming to improve employability of local people in Tataouine in various industries. The project is implemented by Hilfswerk International in cooperation with the local authorities, education institutions, and experts. It improves employability of young people through skill building and economic development initiatives making use of the Austrian apprenticeship (dual education) system and experience.

  • Skills to Succeed Project created  368 jobs, 51 small businesses
  • More than 1,300 direct beneficiaries were trained and coached, impacting more than 6,600 community members.

Leaving a lasting OMV footprint StS has been transformed as a local NGO implementing programs funded by other donors.

The first CSR project for the Central processing Facility (CPF) and Pipeline (PPL) is being implemented in Gabès, Kebili, Medenine and Tataouine, with a budget of USD 4.5 mn. The project addresses community grievances of unemployment, weak infrastructure, and local contractor’s non-competitiveness by investing in targeted programs focusing on employability and self-employment, local supplier capacity building, and support to regional development and civil society.

The second CSR project is covering the area around the Nawara Gas Treatment Plant in Gabès. With a budget of USD 265,000 the project aims to improve community relations around the GTP through a civil society capacity building program

OMV is contributing USD 1.7 mn over three years to a joint program with ENI, ETAP, and MEDCO. The program aims to improve the communities’ quality of life by investing in infrastructure, microcredit and small projects, helping to unlock the region’s human and socioeconomic potential.

OMV believes in developing local suppliers and maximizing local content. As part of project implementation, especially in the case of Nawara, OMV required contractors to commit to specific targets relative to local employment and procurement. Extensive work is carried out to identify local capacity and match it with project needs while addressing the gap through the Nawara CSR Project.

Support for local authorities in the form of investments addressing specific needs such as supporting cultural events or humanitarian assistance.