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Nawara Development Project

History and scope of the project
In 2006, the Nawara gas/condensate discovery was made in the Jenein Sud exploration permit (in the South of the Tataouine Governorate).Further drilling campaigns resulted in eight further successful wells by 2010. The concession was then granted to ETAP and OMV by the Ministry of Industry.

To transport the future gas/condensate the South Tunisia Gas Project (STGP) was launched in 2008 by Tunisia’s ETAP, OMV, ENI (left consortium end of 2012) and Pioneer (OMV bought its Tunisian assets in January 2011). STGP includes a Central Processing Facility at the Nawara well site and a 370 km pipeline from Nawara to Gabes where a Gas Treatment Plant will be installed.

In April 2012, the Tunisian Government of that time unilaterally changed the location of the facilities and pipeline route to include the city of Tataouine. As the altered routing would have made the project technically more complex and uneconomic, the Government agreed to revert to the original route with the plant in Gabes in February 2013. In March 2014, the Government announced that independent of the Nawara Project it will build a spur line and a bottling plant to Tataouine city to satisfy the local gas and employment demands.

The Nawara Development project is a key strategic infrastructure project for Tunisia enabling the unlocking of South Tunisia’s gas resources. For OMV, this joint project with ETAP (50/50% ETAP/OMV) is a substantial part of its growth strategy in Tunisia and within its international portfolio.

  • Central Processing Facilities (CPF) at Nawara site
  • Gas Pipeline (24’’, 370 km) from Nawara to Gabes
  • Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) at Gabes to produce LPG products and commercial gas

Factsheet Nawara Gas Development (PDF, 885,9 KB)